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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any age restrictions?

Activate Trampoline Park can be enjoyed by people aged 5 years and up. Children aged 4 years and under must be accompanied by a paying adult. We advise that you choose a quieter session to jump with younger children but you can choose to book any session but you do so at your own risk.

What activities are available for children under 5?

Children under 4 years old can jump on the trampolines for £5, accompanied by a paying adult. Our Activate Toddler Sessions are a great opportunity for you to have fun with your toddlers during a quieter session.

We have had a special area designed for children under 5. Our unique soft play area ensures there is something for the whole family to enjoy at Activate (this is available for our customers at no additional cost.)

Are trampoline parks dangerous?

As with any extreme sports or leisure activity, there is an element of risk involved. We aim to reduce the risks to our customers by using the latest equipment, showing each customer our Safety Briefing video and training our staff in equipment safety and first aid. Please see our Health and Safety page for more information.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Everyone who goes on the trampolines or the Ninja Assault Course is required to sign a waiver. Customers under 17 must have their parent or legal guardian sign their waiver.

Waivers can be completed through our website before you arrive to speed up your checking in process. Customers can complete their waivers at Activate by using our Waiver Station located in our entrance. Permission by phone or email is not possible.

Do I need to watch the Safety Briefing Video?

It is important to watch the Safety Briefing Video each time you come to Activate to take part in a trampoline or ninja session. The trampoline video is only 2 1/2 minutes and is a refresher of the park rules. This is for your safety. We encourage customers to ask questions (we gets sone interesting ones!).

Can I come and watch?

Customers have the option of watching their family and friends have fun on the trampolines from our café. We have designed our mezzanine with safety glass to guarantee the best possible view over the whole park. So, why not sit back and treat yourself to a coffee and a little nibble of something tasty.

Spectators may enter the trampoline park but you must wear trampoline socks at a price of £2. Spectators are not permitted to use or go on any piece of trampoline equipment.

When should I arrive?

Customers should arrive 30 minutes before your Trampoline or Ninja session to allow time to check in, complete waivers, put on socks and store extra clothing. All jumpers and ninjas need to complete our Safety Briefing before every session. If you arrive after the Safety Briefing has started, customers will have to wait for the next viewing strait after.

What should I wear?

When choosing what to wear, keep in mind that trampolining is a form of extreme sport, so dress appropriately. We advise our customers not to wear loose fitting clothing, skirts, belt buckles, jewellery or anything with spikes, studs or chains.

If you wish to try the Activate Ninja Assault Course during your hour at Activate, you must wear clean trainers.

Is there parking?

Activate has over 80 dedicated parking spaces including disabled bays. Please park through the gates within our car park as we have designed the entrance for extra safety for customers giving a barrier between the entrance and the road.

Can I bring my own food?

Our Health and Safety policy states that only food bought on site can be consumed at Activate. We have healthy food and indulgent treats available in our café.

Are there lockers?

We have lockers available for customers to use on a first come first serve basis. This gives you the opportunity to store any extra layers of clothing, your shoes and any valuables such as mobile phones. Activate has sourced a new form of technology to lock the lockers to make them safer. Your property is left in the lockers entirely at your own risk. We require a £5 cash deposit for each locker, which will be returned when you hand back the key.

Is there Disabled Access?

Activate welcomes disabled visitors regularly and has many ways for customers to enjoy our facility.

Our Gentle Jump sessions are great for a SEN experience on the trampolines. These sessions run every Thursday during Term Time. During the week we have quiet sessions during the day which customers regularly use as another opportunity to use the park with less jumpers around. Jumpers with diffrent abilities need to be physically able to climb a small set of steps to access the trampolines. Activate allows a carer to access the trampoline area free of charge while accompanying a paying jumper. Carers need to purchase Activate trampoline socks for £2.

We have Disabled Access to the ground floor with a seprate disabled toilet avaliable. We are currently in the process of installing a lift to the cafe but currently we always have staff around to help bring anything you would like down from the cafe. There is a seprate seating area at the entrance to the trampolines for the best view of the jumpers on the trampolines. Please ask staff at Activate for help or call us on 01202 001300 if you have special requirements/requests.

We have disabled parking spaces avaliable in our customer car park located to the right of Activate by our Customer Entrance.

Park Rules

  • All participants must sign a waiver and watch the safety video
  • Clean Activate Trampoline Grip Socks must be worn MUST be worn at ALL TIMES in the Trampoline Park Area (these are available to buy at reception)
  • Always watch out for other Jumpers, bounce within your abilities and follow the rules!
  • Only ONE Jumper per trampoline
  • NO double bouncing (bouncing someone else higher)
  • NO running
  • NO leaning or climbing on netting
  • NO sitting or lying on the trampoline mats, walls or foam pads
  • NO food, drink or chewing gum allowed in the Park
  • Customers will not be able to use the equipment under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Remove all items from your pockets before starting any activity
  • Please wear clothing that is suitable for exercise. NO belt buckles or studs on clothing
  • We also recommend the removal of all jewellery
  • DO NOT leave clothing in the Trampoline or around the Ninja Assault Course, use the lockers provided
  • Activate Ninja Grip Glove and clean trainers must be worn on the Ninja Assault Course
  • Ninjas must be 1.2 metres tall to participate
  • Complete the course at your own pace, within your own abilities and follow the rules!

Consent Form

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